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Ancient civilizations used to spread stories of mighty gods who created the world and its inhabitants. Standing high above all creation, the gods ruled this world and were worshipped by the creatures living there. This fact was enjoyed so immensely by the gods that some of them decided to decided to find a new world to create and spread even more of their stories and in doing so get more beings to worship them. On this new world, 7 gods from different ancient cultures send forth their envoys to spread word of their greatness, each aiming to become the most popular god of this new world.

7 different gods with 7 different powers use their Envoys (player tokens) to gain points by Telling Stories (rolling D4 dice) and gain control over villages on Islands. One random god is always excluded in the game; this god will cause disturbances for all players during the game.

During the player’s turn she draws a card from her unique player deck and a dice from the shared Well of Wonders. By playing a card she moves her Envoy to an Island and with the Dice she can Tell a Story (roll the dice) or perform other god actions. When you use the card to move you cannot use the card for other actions that might be on that card. You must make decisions every turn on what part of the cards you use; move or action.

The game ends when a player reaches a certain amount of victory points or when a certain amount of dice is in the Otherworld (the island in the middle of the game board). This threshold is determined at the start of the game and is affected by the number of players and / or experience. The player with the most victory points after the scoring phase wins.

88,00 40,00 IVA incl.

1 disponibles

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