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Clash of Sovereigns (COS), GMT’s 2-4 player card-driven game of the War of the Austrian Succession, has been 9 years in the making. It is a free-wheeling, faster-playing, stream-lined “nephew” of the widely-regarded Clash of Monarchs (COM).
The Bourbon (French, Spanish, Prussian) and Pragmatic (Austrian, British) alliances battle across central Europe from Paris to Konigsberg and Naples to London. Each year is divided into five ‘seasons’ (Late Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Early Winter). Play moves quickly since major campaigning is restricted to the Summer and Fall, and each power will typically activate only 1-3 forces per season. Certain event cards allow limited campaigning in the Early and Late Winter seasons as well. Each card has a Campaign Point (CP) value, which may be expended to activate Leaders and the armies they command, to perform Administrative Marches, and to conduct raids with irregular Croat/Hussar light troops (Austrian player only). Each leader has an Activation Point (AP) rating, which allows him to move, fight battles, and conduct sieges. This system produces historically valid outcomes and a rich narrative while keeping the pace of play brisk.

COS features asymmetrical armies with distinctive national characteristics and capabilities that have banded together in alliances that often struggle with conflicting goals. Both the Bourbons and Pragmatics will benefit – or suffer from – interactions among the various nations in their respective alliances.


• One 22″ x 34″ mapsheet
• 150 Strategy cards
• 10 Day of Battle Cards
• 350 10/16-inch counters
• 120 1/2-inch markers
• Four 8-1/2″ x 11″ Player Aid cards
• Four 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ Power Mats
• One 24-page Rule Book
• One 20-page Play Book
• Two six-sided dice

67,00 IVA incl.

1 disponibles

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